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Our youth development programming expands educational, social, recreational, vocational and economic opportunities that provide adolescents alternatives to sexual activity. This facilitates the acquisition of life skills that support a successful transition into healthy young adulthood. Through our programs, youth in North and Central Brooklyn are becoming knowledgeable about their sexual and reproductive health, and have access to information and resources in their communities that will empower them to make responsible and proud choices.


Safe Teens Acting Responsibly

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STAR works to ensure access to comprehensive reproductive health care and family planning services for adolescents to prevent pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and HIV/AIDS.

Project L.I.T.T 

Leaders Influencing Transformative Tomorrows


Project L.I.T.T. is a positive youth development program that teaches middle school kids the skills needed to navigate into adulthood. We focus on personal responsibility, healthy decision-making, self-confidence, self-regulation, goal setting, with a focus on the future, through interactive curricula and activities. 


#CONNECT to Health #CONNECT to Services #CONNECT to Community 

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CONNECT is a substance management and HIV prevention program for LGBT+ youth and young adults up to the age of 25. We are dedicated to serving as a liaison between the communities in North/Central Brooklyn and service providers. 

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