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C.A.R.E Program

Program Services

The “CARE” program serves as the central point between the community and services. The CARE program is a client-centered, culturally sensitive program that focuses on exploring an individual’s self-power while providing counseling through crisis intervention efforts, advocacy, referrals, and cognitive behavioral education. The purpose of this program is to address sexual victimization affecting men, women, LGBQT, Immigrants and the homeless in North and Central Brooklyn. We strive to build a stronger supportive caring community within the Brooklyn area.

  • Civil legal advocacy/court accompaniment 

  • Counseling/support group 

  • Criminal justice advocacy/court accompaniment 

  • Crisis intervention 

  • Employment counseling 

  • Hospital/clinic/other medical response 

  • Job training 

  • Material assistance 

  • Transportation 

  • Victim/survivor advocacy

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