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HIV & Hep-c

Testing & Prevention

HIV & Hep-C Testing & Prevention

We are dedicated to providing free and confidential HIV and Hepatitis-C testing and prevention services to individuals in North and Central Brooklyn.


  • HIV Testing

  • Hepatitis-C Testing 

​*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are also offering free home testing kits. 


  • STD/STI Referrals 

  • PrEP/PEP Referrals

  • Behavioral Interventions

  • HIV Navigation Services

  • Linkage to care

  • Sexual Health Education

Women of Color Groups (WOC)

We offer various group workshops for women of color who are: interested to learn more about sexual health, living with HIV, and HIV negative, but still sexually active. Women must be 18+ to participate in workshops.



SISTA program is 5 two-hour sessions for HIV negative women of color ages 18 and up that consist of group discussions with topics that include ethnic and gender pride, behavioral self-management, and coping skills. SISTA was designed for African American/Caribbean women who are at risk for HIV and STD infection.  

Sister to Sister is a brief (15- to 30 minute), one-on-one, skill-based HIV/sexually transmitted disease (STD) risk-reduction behavioral intervention for sexually active women of color between the ages of 18 to 45 years old. It is educational, engaging, and gender-appropriate and uses videos, brainstorming, demonstrations, and skill-building activities. As such, Sister to Sister is an effective tool for addressing the needs of the women who complete the intervention.


Healthy Love

WILLOW intervention is a social-skills building and educational intervention for adult women living with HIV. It consists of 4 four-hour sessions which are delivered by two trained adult female facilitators, one of whom is a woman living with HIV. WILLOW emphasizes gender pride, informs women how to identify and maintain supportive social networks, teaches coping strategies to reduce life stressors, enhances awareness of STD transmission and HIV reinfection risk behaviors, teaches communication skills for negotiating safer sex, reinforces proper and consistent condom use, distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and defines types of abusive relationships and their effect on a woman’s ability to negotiate safer sex practices.

Healthy Love is a CDC-supported evidence based intervention that was designed to reach women of color who share the same social connection. Healthy Love is a four-hour session that consist of 12 activities that comprise three areas: Setting the Tone, The Facts, and Safer Sex. Healthy Love provides the participants with HIV/STD related facts, a personalized risk assessment, condom negotiations techniques and multiple condom use skills building activities delivered in a FUN sex-positive environment. Participants may use the eventbrite link to register for the session that best fits their availability.

The Enhanced Condom Distribution (ECD) program is an HIV and STI prevention program aimed at increasing the availability, accessibility, acceptability and normalization of condom use. We focus on recruiting and establishing a network of non- traditional sites (i.e. laundromat, parks, nail salons, barber shops, etc.) and to ensure condoms and lubricants are made available at targeted outreach events in North and Central Brooklyn. 


Our target populations are among sexually active: 

  • Latino and Black men under the age of 29 who identify as: gay, bisexual, and/or men who have sex with men (MSM)


  • Heterosexual women of color, over the age of 30 

This program also seeks to address knowledge and comprehension by providing materials that are easily understood by individuals with varying levels of literacy or have a language barrier. By focusing on venues that service customers who identify within the priority population we aim to decrease stigmas around sex and contraceptives to build a safer and healthier community within the Brooklyn area

Condom Distribution

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