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We continue to creatively implement programs in new ways while understanding the value of our work in the current context.  Diaspora's ability to be successful has always been because of the great partnerships we have in the community and the talent we have within our diverse staff that bring experience, knowledge and commitment. 

We need your support to allow us to continue to be impactful- supporting the poor, ensuring those living with chronic conditions get the help they need; while ensuring our young people continue to thrive.  


Join us in our continued work by making a tax deductible donation. 

Your generous support at any level is necessary and greatly appreciated.



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Diaspora Community Services proudly supports the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight for justice, freedom and liberation of the black community. Our services are designed to fight for black lives by helping to build a stronger and healthier community. 

CEO statement

We pride ourselves at Diaspora Community Services in being the communities we serve. We are Black and Brown, diverse ethnicities, gender and sexual orientation. We have had the experiences of being immigrants, speaking different languages, and being committed to our work. One experience we all have shared directly and indirectly is systemic racism. 


DCS works to provide access to quality healthcare because we know racial disparities exist. We encourage young people to complete their education because we know overwhelmingly the educational system has failed black students.  


Police brutality is not policing. Two weeks after George Floyd was murdered in Minnesota, there is no confusion there. Our criminal justice system MUST have a part in DISMANTLING STRUCTURAL RACISM as in this example.


Say their names: George Floyd, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown…. This is not about hashtags and social media. These are people who were either a father, somebody's child, an aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin, neighbor, friend...a HUMAN BEING. 


In service, 

Carine Jocelyn, CEO

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