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What is Project L.I.T.T.? 

L.I.T.T. (Leaders Influencing Transformative Tomorrows) is a positive youth development program that teaches middle school kids the skills needed to navigate into adulthood. We focus on personal responsibility, healthy decision-making, self-confidence, self-regulation, goal setting, with a focus on the future, through interactive curricula and activities. 


Program - Project L.I.T.T.

Project LITT uses the AIM (Adult Identity Mentoring) evidence based curriculum for our 50 minute in-person and virtual sessions. Our program consists of 12 modules that can be implemented over a period of 3 to 5 weeks.

PROJECT LITT will provide: 

  • Sexual risk avoidance education (SRAE) with an evidenced-based approach that is age, culturally and linguistically appropriate; recognizing the experiences of youth from diverse communities, backgrounds and experiences.

  • Adult-supervised activities that create educational, recreational, or vocational opportunities for youth, ages 11-14.

  • Parenting education (P.A.R.E.) to the parents, guardians, and other adult caregivers of youth, ages 10-13.

"Transforming our tomorrows, one youth at a time." – TEAM LITT

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