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Diaspora Community services has partnered with some key local, women lead organizations in Haiti to implement our short-term “Haiti Relief and Restoration” initiative.  This initiative will last no longer than December 31, 2021. At that time we will visit and assess the need for our continued role in supporting the people of Haiti  


In 2007, DCS created a local community health center that continues to exist today. On average the site provides primary care to over 100 people per week. During DCS's experience after the earthquake in 2010,  we learned a lot of lessons and recommend the following:

  • Support local, community based organizations 

  • Ensure women are part of the dialogue 

  • Don't forget about girls and children overall who are dealing with this traumatic time

  • International actors, donors should listen to the people.  They know what they need. 

  • Haiti does not need loans, it needs grants from the World Bank 

  • The Haitian government needs to reinforce its infrastructure and lead in the rule of law; providing for the people of Haiti. 


Carine Jocelyn, DCS Chief Executive Officer lead the process of establishing the community center, implementing programs, developing  partnerships and ensuring it’s local governance to date.


All funds and items that are collected through December 31 for this initiative will be distributed in two phases described below.

Carine Jocelyn is available for speaking engagements which can be coordinated by sending emails to Lucky Sylvester,

Haiti relief & Restoration

Phase 1

  • Provide financial support and supplies  to Centre Medico Social to provide medical care 

  • Support the Haitian Women’s Collective member and partner organizations

  • Support initiatives of Zanmi, Inc. only as a fiscal sponsor

Phase 2

  • Conduct 2 shipments with specific donated items in the months of September and November and distribute them to local partners. 


  • Other related activities that emerge as service gaps. 


​Other information

  • Diaspora will not collect donated items after September 15 

  • Donations are tax deductible 

  • Diaspora staff will not travel to Haiti in the initial emergency, disaster phase. We will allow experts in emergency, disaster response to work efficiently. 


Monetary Donations

  • Financial donations to support midwifery and economic development/microfinance programs, organizations on the ground. Donations can be made via our website at Haiti Relief 

  • These funds will be used to source locally in Haiti in support of the local economy as well as support women led organizations already on the ground and connected to the communities they serve.

  • 100% of funds will be used only towards Haiti relief and restoration, program activities of locally led, Haiti based organizations. 

Necessities Donations

As Haiti’s immediate needs are emergency response being handled by experts in disaster response, DCS in partnership with the Caribbean Women’s Health Association to focus on short term needs related to women.  


From now to September 15th both organizations will be collecting ONLY the items listed below. You can drop off/donate items Monday - Friday during each organizations respective, regular business hours.

  • Baby diapers and wipes  

  • Hygiene Items (soap, toothbrushes,  toothpaste, sanitary napkins, deodorant, tissue packs, analgesics (Tylenol),  travel size items) 

  • CLEAN, Gently used baby clothing sizes up to 2T 

  • Washcloths and/or hand towels - NO BATH SIZE

  • First aid kits (small) 


At this time we are asking people to NOT donate water, clothing, or food!

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