Diaspora Community Services is a social support service agency that empowers families and individuals to maximize their abilities to succeed through culturally sensitive health promotion, family support services and advocacy.


Recognized expert in the provision of culturally sensitive health information

Based on this we are committed to our clients and believe by respecting and understanding their needs, we can strive to meet their expectations; providing effective, quality services. At Diaspora Community Services we take pride in the noteworthy contributions of diverse communities and are committed to the concept of partnership, integrity and equality for all.We serve as a bridge for our clients; helping to advocate for their needs and supporting them on their personal journey to empowerment. We serve a highly diverse population providing essential health and supportive programs. We make it our mission to maintain the highest standards of human rights, gender equity, non discriminatory health-care access and opportunity for low-income and immigrant families in Central Brooklyn. We support and understand the principles of anti-racism and anti-poverty.