A message from Carine Jocelyn, Chief Executive Officer:

Dear Friends,

I am still amazed by the number of people who think that the HIV/AIDS epidemic has ended.  For us at DCS, we work to address HIV/AIDS by targeting the psyco-social and economic challenges caused by it on a daily basis.  It is an epidemic with alarming statistics within the communities we serve; a disproportionate number of young members of the LGBTQI population, homeless youth in addition to women of color are infected with the disease.

We support Governor, Andrew Cuomo’s recent establishment of a taskforce to ‘End AIDS’. In order to do this, we need to ensure that resources and policies are adopted that make it a reality.

At DCS, we strive to provide the families we serve with safe, secure and affordable housing in addition to access to nutritional and transportation assistance. The security of these health and social services make a difference in our participants’ ability to stay in treatment. Yes, HIV treatment has helped people live longer, healthier lives but they have not alleviated their daily struggles to survive. We have an opportunity to care for those living with HIV/AIDS by providing consistent access to appropriate housing, food and transportation assistance. This is an appeal to our Legislators to end the eligibility barriers and to expand housing access across the State.

We also specifically want to ensure that the State is committed to implementing Harm Reduction practices, policies and programs.

World AIDS Day 2014 provides the opportunity for individuals and organizations around the globe to commit to Ending AIDS. We will call on our State and Local Legislators to take the action necessary to bring an end to this epidemic by 2020. No more stigma, racism or discrimination!

We hope you can join us in the fight!

  • No more HIV infections
  • No more AIDS diagnosis
  • No more AIDS related deaths


Warmest regards,

Carine Jocelyn, CEO