We are committed to empowering the young members of the LGBT+ community by providing various evidence based interventions, free HIV & HCV testing, sexual health/harm reduction education sessions, assistance with linkage and navigation, and effective referral services.


CONNECT is a substance management and HIV prevention program for LGBT+ youth and young adults up to the age of 25. We are dedicated to serving as a liaison between the communities in North/Central Brooklyn and service providers. 

#CONNECT to Health #CONNECT to Services #CONNECT to Community

Program Services

  • HIV/HCV/STI/PREP/PEP education 

  • Prevention Education Sessions 

  • Substance Management Using Evidence-Based Screening Tools 

  • Provide Referrals To Supportive Services

  • Provide Sexual Health Counseling, Testing, And Referral Services

  • Provide Navigation To HIV, HCV, STI Care To Persons Testing Positive

  • Outreach Activities Within The Community

Contact Us

921B East New York Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11203


Phone: (718) 399-0200

Fax: (718) 399-0360

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