Health Homes

Heath Homes is a program comprised of health care service providers working together to make sure you get the services you need through care coordination to stay healthy. Once you are enrolled in our Health Homes Program, you will be assigned your own care manager. The care manager will work with you to set up a care plan and appointments and get the services you need to put you on the road to better health.


Services may include:

  • Health care providers

  • Mental health and substance abuse providers

  • Medications

  • Housing 

  • Social Services (such as food, benefits, and locating transportation)


New York State’s Health Home eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Medicaid eligible/active Medicaid 


  • Two (2) or more chronic conditions; or One (1) single qualifying condition of either HIV/AIDS, Asthma, Diabetes, or a Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

Uninsured Care Program

The Medical Benefits Assistance Program at Diaspora Community Services is funded to provide outreach in an effort to increase the number of minority individuals in the AIDS Drugs Assistance Program (ADAP) and its Primary Care component, (ADAP Plus). Funding enables MBAP to reach HIV+ individuals in Brooklyn communities who are uninsured, underinsured or undocumented to inform them about the availability of ADAP and ADAP Plus, HIV Home Care Program and ADAP plus Insurance Continuation Program (APIC). The goal of this program is to enroll HIV + individuals into the most comprehensive medical care and refer them to appropriate supportive services. Ensuring that there is no gaps in their medical care due to insurance access barriers.


Services may include:

  • Enrollment assistance into: 

    • AIDS Drugs Assistance Program (ADAP) 

    • Comprehensive health insurance coverage via direct pay policies

    • Health insurance policies purchased through the New York State of Health MarketPlace

Eligibility for Program Participation/Enrollment:

  • Living with HIV

  • Live in New York State

  • Income must be less than 435% the Federal Poverty Level

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