Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP)

The purpose of the CAPP Community-Based initiative is to develop and expand primary prevention programs aimed at decreasing the incidence of adolescent pregnancy through the establishment of a comprehensive and coordinated approach to reduce the risk of initial and repeat pregnancies, STDs and HIV/AIDS rates among New York State adolescents. In North & Central Brooklyn; a community with birth rates of 34.2 per 1,000/ year receives evidence based education to reduce rates of pregnancy using the “Be proud! Be Responsible and “Cuidate” curricula. Further, the initiative effectively addresses issues associated with adolescent parenting and the racial, ethnic, and geographic disparities that are related to adolescent sexual health outcomes.


Safe Teens Acting Responsibly (STAR)

The STAR Program promotes leadership development training and civic engagement opportunities to a select group of peer educators also known as our Core Group. STAR works to ensure access to comprehensive reproductive health care and family planning services for adolescents to prevent pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and HIV/AIDS.

Our youth development programming expands educational, social, recreational, vocational and economic opportunities that provide adolescents alternatives to sexual activity. This facilitates the acquisition of life skills that support a successful transition into healthy young adulthood. Through this program, youth in North and Central Brooklyn are becoming knowledgeable about their sexual and reproductive health, have access to information and resources in their communities that will empower them to make responsible and proud choices.

STAR also provides youth and health educator led workshops on-site (DCS) and in the school setting in areas around Brooklyn (as needed). Topics include but are not limited to: Anti-Bullying, Health Communication , Cultural Sensitivity, Bringing In the Bystander (Violence intervention) and Finance. Workshops can also be created at the potential hosts request. All inquiries can be submitted via email to the program manager, Vanessa Mejia.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) – Adolescent Youth Health

Center for Disease Control (CDC) – Reproductive Health – Teen Pregnancy

US Depatment of Health & Human Services – Adolescent Health

Peer Education Empowerment

P.E.E.P. is comprised of volunteers from various walks of life who possess the passion and desire to touch lives through caring and commitment. The purpose of this program is to empower youth to avoid risky behaviors that may lead to dropping out of school and an increased chance to live life out of poverty. P.E.E.P. strives to empower youth to build healthy relationships and become leaders of tomorrow through educational workshops and trainings. The ultimate goal of the program is to empower youth to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. P.E.E.P. uses two strategies in our prevention efforts: youth work and community education. In each of these areas P.E.E.P. is leading the way in Brooklyn by creating innovative programs and demonstrating success in cultivating lasting community partnerships.

Program Information

Youth Services Program Manager: Vanessa Mejia

Phone: 718-399-0200 Ext. 320


Program Info Email:

Facebook: @Safe Teens Acting Responsibly

Instagram: @DCS_STAR