We are excited to reopen our Supportive Housing program; it is and had been the only federally funded maternal group home/ transitional living program for pregnant and parenting, runaway or homeless adolescents ages 16-21 in New York City. Supportive Housing will provide safe shelter for young mothers and their children. Residents live at Supportive Housing between 12-18 months and have access to an array of support services. During their stay at Supportive Housing, young mothers are provided with a supervised and supportive environment that contributes to their becoming self-reliant. The residents receive case management services and counseling to assist with education and career goals, financial literacy, health education and healthy relationship development. Programs administered at Supportive Housing underscore independent living and economic independence through the acquisition of healthy parenting. 

For more information on Residential Housing, please contact: Jessica Rodriguez
Senior Manager for Residential Services
718.399.0200 ext. 308

Transitional Living Program

For several years Diaspora has worked in the area of youth development addressing issues related to education, comprehensive sexuality education, college readiness and adolescent pregnancy prevention. One of the areas we feel is extremely important is to assist homeless adolescents who need a safe and supportive housing. In 2015, we opened our first transitional living program funded by DYCD.  Our priority population is those who identify LGBT because of the alarming stats of homelessness in this community.