Founded in 1981, Diaspora Community Services (DCS) is a Brooklyn-based multi-service and multi-cultural 501 (c) 3 nonprofit providing comprehensive supports to low income residents, immigrants, and the chronically ill. DCS serves some 10,000 annually through three programmatic sites in New York City. Staffed by seasoned professionals in the health and social service sectors and supported by a dedicated Board of Directors as diverse as the vibrant communities we serve, DCS provides robust programming that targets the most vulnerable of our communities.

DCS’s programs address the very root causes of the challenges our clients face, empowering low income families and individuals to overcome obstacles to their well-being and self-sufficiency.  Since obtaining non- profit status in 1991, DCS (formerly known as the Haitian Women’s Program) has continued to focus on the challenges and inequities that impact women and girls and the youth of our communities.  From resettling Haitian refugees in the late 1980s to addressing the onset of the HIV crisis in 1990, DCS has focused on ensuring clients have access to much needed benefits, counseling, education, housing placement and referrals to our many qualified organizational partners.  

We have implemented youth programs based on youth development principles of education, empowerment and focusing on the assets of our youth instead of deficits.

Current program services include access to quality health services, supportive housing, youth education, and the social support services critical to meeting basic needs while focusing on impacting poverty. DCS meets each client where they are in terms of individual skills, finances, health and needs; providing one-on-one transformative support to help them succeed.