Medical Benefit Assistance Program


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Nutritional Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) : July 1st

initiative. NOEP is a nutrition education program for individuals and families. Our NOEP staff will provide
information and assessments to help individuals and families living in Brooklyn determine if they may be eligible and then apply for food stamps. We will also work to increase participation in the School Breakfast Program and the Summer Food Service Program at our community schools. Assuring that we reach our community members we provide services in our offices; partner schools and agencies; and conduct home visits. There are many people in the country eligible for these benefits who are unaware that they are eligible and have not applied to receive Food stamps; the goal of this program is to provide nutritional education, community outreach, information, and assistance for enrollment into the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) also referred to as the food stamp program to individuals and families in need of nutritional services. Call (718) 399-0200 for more information and assistance in filling out the SNAP application.

Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP):

WEP services have enhanced our previously conducted infant mortality services by addressing domestic violence and intimate partner violence experienced by women and girls. WEP provides domestic violence workshops, screening and targeted referral services for immigrants and/or women of color affected by violence. WEP conducts community education on Domestic Violence and Infant Mortality Reduction issues; and participates in advocacy and policy issues in Brooklyn. Along with the screenings, culturally competent staff provide information on prenatal care, family planning, SIDS prevention, breastfeeding, nutrition, exercise, immunization etc. Our ultimate goal is to collaborate with providers in Brooklyn via coalitions and networks to decrease infant mortality rates by implementing and strengthening infant mortality reduction interventions and increasing knowledge of community members on issues of domestic violence. For more information and referrals contact Program Coordinator , Denys Salas (718) 399-0200 ext. 238