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Diaspora Community Services main office has been relocated to:


921 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11203


Office Location

921 East New York Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11203
Phone: 718-399-0200


Senior Staff Members

Angela Grant, Director of Programs -
Charles Waddy, Fiscal Manager



Jessica Rodriguez, Senior Manager for Residential Services  -
Heather Dailey, MGH Program Manager - 
Devin Escobar, TIL Program Manager -
Mauro Julca, MBAP Program Manager -
Allanah Lewis, NOEP Program Manager -
Vanessa Mejia, CAPP Program Manager
Erick Nunez, Manager of HIV Programs -
Tacha Fletcher, Clinical Manager for Care Coordination -
Perla Palacios, Supervisor of Care Coordination -


Professional Opportunities

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