Residential Programs Client

Originally, I am from Arkansas, but I came to New York because I knew it was a safer place to be for a gay man. Unfortunately, living in New York is expensive so I ended up couch surfing at the houses of friends I'd made. I was connected to youth drop in centers where they provide free lunch and dinner among other very necessary services. A drop-in center connected me to Diaspora TIL program in February 2016. Living there, I was provided with my own bed and had 6 other housemates and staff present 24 hours 7 days a week in a beautiful apartment steps from the beach that felt more like a home a less like an institution. I had weekly case management sessions, and many groups to attend to learn independent living skills for when I moved out on my own. I managed to work, save money, and with the help of staff, I learned to budget my money, learned to correctly complete house chores and learned how to cook. I moved out in October 2017 when I aged out, into an apartment share. The TIL program prepared me and made this a reality.