“I first connected with Diaspora’s Medical Benefits Assistance Program (MBAP) because I was having problems with Medicaid. The MBAP social worker was excellent. She even went with me to the Medicaid office to advocate for me. No organization had ever helped me like that before.

“Since I first started with Diaspora, I’ve gotten help with keeping my appointments, dealing with Medicaid, expediting the paperwork, and everything else I need to manage my HIV.

 “Over the past year, I’ve been the primary caretaker for my sister and her three children, because my sister had a massive brain tumor and needed major surgery. As I’ve been trying to nurse my sister back to health and care for her children, I’ve had overbearing days when I don’t feel good. But my Diaspora social worker is always there to listen, offer advice, and help. That’s so important to me, because I have no other outlet—no one else to talk to.

“Diaspora Community Services is a breath of fresh air! Usually, an organization just gives you information and you to have to fend for yourself, but Diaspora is totally different. Today, my HIV is being managed well and my health is under control. I have to take care of myself to be there for my sister and her children, doing what needs to be done.”





Mission: Diaspora Community Services is a social support service agency that empowers families and individuals to maximize their abilities to succeed through culturally sensitive health promotion, family support services and advocacy.