If you asked Grace what she remembers most about her childhood, she would say; the constant verbal and physical abuse compounded by neglect which plagued her each day.  Grace’s mother had a history of substance abuse and gambling addiction, she often left her unattended and hungry. When most girls were celebrating their sweet 16th birthday, Grace had been kicked out of her home and forced to live in Shelters or with friends.  Now 21 years old, Grace has a 22 month old son and 5 month old daughter of her own and is determined to give her children the childhood she never had.

Homeless and parenting, Grace found the support she so desperately needed at Diaspora Community Services’ Mothers Gaining Hope Program (MGH). She was able to finish High School and has since received her Security License and completed Certified Nursing Assistant training.  After working for months with her Case Manager both looking for for permanent housing, she was approved for Section 8 Housing in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Now settled in her new home she hopes to enroll in college while working part-time; building a better future for herself and her children.