Ten years ago, Saundra learned she was HIV positive. Struggling with crippling anxiety and depression, she refused to disclose her HIV status- even to her family. 

 After undergoing Hepatitis C treatment last year, Saundra's mental and physical condition further deteriorated. She finally decided to seek help through Diaspora Community Service's Women's Supportive Services (WSS) program.  With the help of WSS staff and the support of her peers, Saundra has channeled her experience as a source of empowerment and strength.  She has since disclosed her HIV status to her family and with their support has successfully completed her Hepatitis C treatment.  

Today, Saundra attends college and hopes to one day become an advocate for the Latino/a community.  She credits Diaspora Community Services for getting her back on track and motivating her to take charge of her future.

For more information about WSS or any of our programs, please call Saeeda Dunston, Director of Programs and Training at 718 399-0200.