Diaspora Client and Intern

My name is Trevon Harris I've been apart of the Diaspora family since April 2017, I currently reside at TIL which is apart of Diaspora organization. I was referred to Diaspora by Street works which has a drop-in center and a variety other services that have assisted me in many ways. I can say my experience living in TIL has been very "chill"and normal. I also was hired as a summer intern at the Connect program which is apart of the Diaspora organization, which was extremely fun and I considered it my second home. I appreciate that Diaspora allows me to be who I need to be and that is something that I will always remember.

HIV Prevention Programs Client

Hello, my name is Olivia and I'm originally from Brooklyn. My mother is also from here, and my father is from Guyana. I originally heard about Diaspora through a flier for a workshop called Be Proud! Be Responsible!. I learned all types of useful knowledge about how having safe and protected sex can help you have healthier ways, and prevent you from getting sexually transmitted diseases. Then, later in the year, Ariel called me and asked me if I wanted to join the Summer Youth Corps program and said I would love to. When I joined, I really enjoyed it; my favorite part was getting to go out to different areas with my team and giving out prevention information materials alongside distributing safer sex products. My favorite thing about Diaspora are its people. Everyone has treated me very well, and even the people I don't know seem nice. The staff care about my well being and they worked hard with me to teach me what it takes to live responsibly. I've also enjoyed the workshops that I've attended.

Residential Programs Client

Originally, I am from Arkansas, but I came to New York because I knew it was a safer place to be for a gay man. Unfortunately, living in New York is expensive so I ended up couch surfing at the houses of friends I'd made. I was connected to youth drop in centers where they provide free lunch and dinner among other very necessary services. A drop-in center connected me to Diaspora TIL program in February 2016. Living there, I was provided with my own bed and had 6 other housemates and staff present 24 hours 7 days a week in a beautiful apartment steps from the beach that felt more like a home a less like an institution. I had weekly case management sessions, and many groups to attend to learn independent living skills for when I moved out on my own. I managed to work, save money, and with the help of staff, I learned to budget my money, learned to correctly complete house chores and learned how to cook. I moved out in October 2017 when I aged out, into an apartment share. The TIL program prepared me and made this a reality.